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What happens if you don't pursue your dreams

A passage taken from Rhonda Byrne’s new book “Hero”. Rhonda Byrne is the NY times best-selling author of the book “The Secret”

What happens if you don’t pursue your dreams?

Refusing to listen to your “call” to pursue your dreams is critical to living a life that fulfils your mission on this earth. Particularly, if you are already wishing to live a life that is more meaningful and with passion.

When we listen to our own hearts and to what it is exactly we want to do, we are following our own paths that we have initially already created in our own minds. That path, with faith and belief in our own strengths, can essentially lead us to our goals.

Why are our dreams so important?

Ultimately, only you can answer this yourself.

But the answer is often indeed so obvious.

A person who fulfils their desires are those who strive to always be happy and to make their life more meaningful. These are the people who also strive to look to their “higher self” to create a living that not only benefits themselves, but also benefits others.

Most people who have dreams, but often neglect or overlook it, do not understand how powerful the effect is over their lives if they don’t go after what they want. Substantially not being aware that their “inner world creates their outer world”.

Those who don’t follow their dreams, thinking that whatever experiences that they have in reality is enough to make them happy, they will sooner or later experience unhappiness, dissatisfaction or frustration in things that they are currently doing. And often, those who are not aware of the existence of their “inner world”, these people will often struggle for the rest of their lives and not knowing how they can easily fulfil their goals by just simply following their dreams.

If you are struggling to find out how it is that you can make your dreams come true, begin first by following your bliss. Your bliss, or the things that you love to do, or things that simply make you happy, are the ones that can lead you to total happiness.

So make sure that you focus your energy in doing things that you love, and only that. Because at this stage, nothing else will matter.

Follow your bliss.

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